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Monkey Business (my blog) added to This Side of Me section. Don't know what a blog is? Go check it out!

Exclusive pics added to pics section
More lyrics added to This Side of Me section


Links on page updated
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Savage Garden website links page replaced for Free-for-All links. If you'd like your page linked to this page, please add it.

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Savage Garden Request Line

Mimi's Homepage (With a Savage Garden Section

Savage Passions


Beach Bum Creations

Special Causes:

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Other Sites:
What Is Copywrite?

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Please note, this list is NOT a Savage Garden list. Savage Garden CAN be discussed to a certain extent, but basically it's a no holds barred, ANYTHING goes type of list. If this interests you, and you're within the age limitation, please feel free to join! :)

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This list is for girls who absolutely love those Nascar Boys.

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